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Ring Sizes

The customer's choice of ring size at the time of order is the customer's responsibility.  We recommend getting your finger correctly sized.  The following standard ring sizes are provided for guidance.

Size K, 15.9mm inside diameter, 49.9mm inside circumference

Size L, 16.3mm inside diameter, 51.2mm inside circumference

Size M, 16.7mm inside diameter, 52.5mm inside circumference

Size N, 17.1mm inside diameter, 53.8mm inside circumference 

Size O, 17.5mm inside diameter, 55mm inside circumference

Size P, 17.9mm inside diameter, 56.3mm inside circumference

Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is made from precious metals which can wear through use over time.  We recommend avoiding contact with hard materials and chemicals.  Your jewellery will benefit from being cleaned regularly using a silver polishing cloth, or gold / silver dip, to remove natural tarnish.